This is a reminder that you are awesome.

This reminder is brought to you by an anonymous phone call I got yesterday.

There I was minding my own bee’s wax, and by that I mean sitting on the couch staring at my laptop and hoping it would write a book for me, when my phone rang.

Lady on the phone: “Hello, this is _________ from, may I speak with Kimberly Miller?”

Confused Kim hoping this is not a really a debt collector: “This is she.”

Lady on phone: “I’m calling to tell you that you’re awesome. An anonymous party wants me to tell you that you’re hot and talented.”

Kim, laughing so hard that she’s crying: “Okay. Thanks.”

Lady on the phone who is now also laughing: “You’re welcome and remember; you’re awesome.”


Apparently there is a website where you can hire people to call people and tell them that they are awesome. I think that’s pretty amazing and that definitely started my day off on a happy note. I did a wee bit of sleuthing and haven’t yet been able to track down the culprit (was it you?), but I wanted to share the sentiment.

It’s important to hear that we’re pretty great once in awhile, and we are. In general I believe we put a lot of press on ourselves, and sometimes don’t always take the time to really appreciate how amazing we are. In the spirit of the phone call, please use the comments area to tell the world why you’re awesome.

It’s okay to brag. Really.


Here’s what I’ve been eating…


Scrambled egg whites

Pre-workout snack

Strawberry protein shake


Impromptu fish tacos
Grilled tilapia, carrots, cabbage, in a lime vinaigrette
Corn tortillas

Exercise: I did a strength workout today focusing on my legs, and I’m going to hit up a Zumba class tonight before I meet up with the BF for some dinner and cuddling.