I probably spend more money on spandex than I do on any other material. To me gym clothes always seem like a worthy investment. You can lounge in them, you can exercise in them, they’re totally multi-functional!

Earlier this week, I saw a sale on “wicking” tops at Gap. I’ve heard good things about their new line of fitness gear and decided to try them out. I was soooooo unimpressed. Not only did my capri leggings (I was told they were similar to Lululemon, they are not) keep riding down while I ran, but the wicking top was completely soaked within 20-minutes.

Can you see the sweat stain that is my shirt? Maybe not. Just trust me, it was like working out in a wet towel. Lesson learned: not all wicking wear is created equal.


Jamba juice oatmeal with banana and brown sugar (actually I asked for it sans sugar, but I guess they didn’t hear me)

Post Workout

I’m not usually into recover drinks, but I had errands to run after the gym and knew a meal was a couple of hours off. Verdict: gross. I prefer real food to this sort of thing. Ick!


Whole grain wrap with tofurky and arugula
Hummus, carrots and cucumber

Who knows, I’ll be out and about tonight. Hopefully eating yummy things.

Exercise: 35-minute run, 30-minute stairmill, 35-min elliptical