Over the weekend my friend  made the ridiculous statement, “Nobody likes cardio.”


Obviously I vehemently disagreed. This girl right here likes cardio. I will run, jump, step, dance, cycle, and jack happily for extended periods of time. You know what I don’t like?


I want to love yoga. I came very close to loving yoga when I found the Anusara style, and an instructor that I jived with. Unfortunately the studio that she works at keeps increasing their prices, and I just can’t afford to get bendy in her class anymore. I was in like with yoga, but not in like enough to pay $25 a class. Since then I’ve been on a bit of a Setu Bandha Sarvangasana stand still.

That changed tonight when I hit up a 90-minute hot yoga class at my gym. I made the resolution to get stretchy this month, and by golly I’m going to keep it for the sake of my poor shriveled hamstrings. Apparently taking almost a year off from any sort of yogic practice (give or take a few stray DVD sessions in the comfort of my own home) really effects the ole skill level.

Guys, I’m a spaz, it’s as simple as that. As soon as the heat kicked on (I didn’t know it was going to be a hot yoga class and I most definitely was not dressed or hydrated appropriately) the internal pep talk started, You can do anything for 90-minutes, followed closely by The heat will make it easier. Both were true, but I still spent the whole 90-minutes falling all over myself and sweating like a beast. Let it be said that I have my moments of complete and utter spazitude. Having said that…I’ll be back next week. My hamstrings really do feel better.

What form of exercise do you hate? Do you do it anyway or stick with what you like?


I parked my tuchus at an Argo Tea this morning and pretty much stayed their working all day.
Soy latte


I did take a break for lunch at a local café though.
Whole wheat hummus and feta wrap
Root vegetable soup


I was feeling a bit faded before the gym and decided to try flavored kefir. I usually by the plain kefir and add my own fruit, but I have to admit the strawberry is pretty tasty.


Grilled tilapia, brown rice, and grilled fennel
I also ate a string cheese while my food was cooking. The calories don’t count because I was standing up 😉

Exercise: 35-min jog, 90-minute yoga