WARNING: Exercise related endorphins can be addictive.

Tonight was supposed to be a girls’ night out, but due to some very understandable circumstances my friends and I decided to reschedule for next week. I should have spent my night at home writing a book proposal, but I figured I had time for a quick Zumba class before I took the train back to my laptop.

(Confession: I think I may be using exercise as a form of professional procrastination.)

Sixty minutes of sweat, dancing, and a whole lot of mood boosting endorphins later I was feeling like a rock star and thusly decided to stay for the next class, a class called Diesel—45 minutes of strength training with intermittent step aerobics. I should have been scoping the gym in hopes of convincing someone to give me a piggyback ride to the subway, but actually I was still all hopped up on happy hormones and actually considered walking from Midtown Manhattan to Brooklyn. Don’t worry, I thought better of it. By the time I left the gym I was seriously overdue for some dinner and decided the subway was the shortest distance between me and my refrigerator.

I’m definitely going to be sleeping like a baby tonight (a baby that actually sleeps, not the kind that wakes up every couple of hours). No more Zumba till I finish my book proposal, I need to get that sucker done!


Smoothie with lowfat kefir, banana, strawberries, and pineapple


Ezekial sprouted grain bread, hummus, cucumber


Trail mix


Arugula, goat cheese, sunflower seeds, beets, onion, orange vinegar

I had planned on making soup tonight to go with the salad, but I was just too tired to actually cook.

Exercise: 60 minutes of Zumba, 45 minute Diesel class