After a weekend spent lazing about, eating frozen food, and getting my only activity in the form of a walk to and from the bathroom, I was pretty psyched to get my life back on track today. Don’t get me wrong, I was tempted to take the fella up on his offer to lounge in the park and occasionally throw a Frisbee today, but in the end cleaning my apartment, doing laundry and logging a few hours of writing won out.

How’s that for maturity?!

I know that cleaning and laundry are technically simple activities that I have to do, yet somehow having done them always makes me feel like a mature and accomplished adult. A little Lysol and I’m ready to start talking retirement plans and complaining about ‘kids these days.’ Once and a while it’s really nice to just take a little time, put everything else on hold, and get your life in order: for me that means cleaning, paying bills, organizing receipts, and ordering household cleaners on Now, I may have mentioned this once or twice but I have a few anal retentive tendencies, but I really do feel that when the space around me feels like it’s taken care of, my own mental space is less cluttered. Also, I have fewer procrastination excuses.

As weird as this may sound, I found today far more relaxing than my weekend spent in bed. Go figure.


Egg product (I really need to read labels better. Just because they sell it at Whole Foods doesn’t mean it’s ‘whole’), tomato, white peach


Chocolate milk, vitamins


Vegetable soup, Trader Joe’s chickenless nuggets with BBQ sauce


Roasted summer squash, sweet potato, and organic pork chop
Another side of BBQ sauce, I was having a craving.

Exercise: 45-min spin class