“Come on [Irene], 
I swear…At this moment you mean everything”


Once upon a time I would brag that New York City was devoid of extreme weather.  This year we’ve had a blizzard, an earthquake, and we’re now gearing up for a hurricane.

Guys, I think I jinxed us!

As New York gears up for (and sensationalizes about) the impending storm, I am totally bummed.

You see yesterday was my dad’s birthday.

Happy Birthday Papa Miller!

Every year for his birthday I take the family out to a baseball game, buy my dad a new baseball hat, and treat him to a beer (my dad is not a drinker, so this is considered a special treat) and a hot dog.  It has become a summer time family tradition that we all look forward to.

My guess is that the game is going to be cancelled.  As is, most likely, my trip home for the weekend to hang with the folks

All I’m saying is: Irene better be a badass mofo to be screwing up my daddy-day plans!  Bring it, Irene!

In the meantime, most likely I’ll stay in, write a little, catch up on sleep, and maybe watch a few movies.  Nothing like a natural disaster to force a little R & R on you.


Smoothie made with lowfat kefir, frozen berries, pineapple and banana


I’m so going to try and recreate these at home.
Sushi rolls made with carrot, cucumber, avocado, hummus, spinach, and tomato


Salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, olives, chickpeas and vinaigrette

Exercise: 45-spin class