FYI: The gym is totally the new cool hangout spot.

I got a text from a friend today asking if I want to meet up tomorrow for an aerobics class. We’ve been trying to schedule time to hang out for a while now, and the gym seemed like a nice meeting spot that will not only make us feel social, but healthy. So tomorrow we’re meeting up for a lunch time spin class followed by a little actual lunch time.

She’s not the only one with this exciting idea, in the past couple of weeks I’ve had three friends ask for guest passes to my gym or to meet up in the weight room. Could it be that the gym is usurping the bar as the new place to meet up?

Or is it just because I’ve stopped drinking and my friends are trying to figure out what to do now? Either way I LOVE IT!!!!

I think it’s awesome to meet up for a little heavy breathing with a friend. It’s also really motivating; it’s pretty lame to phone in those lunges when your friend is staring right at you. If anything I push myself harder when I know people are watching me.

I could get used to the buddy system!

Do you work out with friends?


I hit up Starbucks for a little latte and writing time this morning
I also grabbed a bistro box with grapes, apple slices, cheese, an egg, peanut butter, and pita
No foam soy latte (my signature drink)


Sometime in the afternoon I started getting a stomach ache and my waist started to get seriously bloated. It’s probably just a gas pocket (my mom thinks everything is gas), but still, eating lunch didn’t seem particularly appealing. By the time dinner time rolled around I needed to eat something belly-ache or not.


Veggie kabobs and an organic pork chop


Exercise: I ended up skipping my workout today. I blame tummy troubles.

Now I’m going to bed and hoping to wake up sans stomach woes.