Hey East Coasters,

Did you feel the earthquake!

I didn’t but it sure did cause me a lot of stress.

My life is nothing if not amusing.

It all started with a hair appointment…

I didn’t smile for the photo because I didn’t want to be the crazy girl smiling to herself in the mirror

I figured it was about time to touch up my highlights, so I made an appointment at a fancy-shmancy salon as a little mid-week pamperfest for myself.

I had an AMAZING colorist who I will go to for the rest of my life. But, let’s face it, the process of highlighting can sometimes have you looking a bit like Chewbacca…

Pretty, right?

The processing time is only about 15-minutes, so I resolved myself to my veil of plastic wrap and got down to business with an old issue of Vogue. Then, all of a sudden my colorist comes up to me and says, “We have to leave, there’s an earthquake…they’re evacuating the building!”

And I thought to myself, “Is this really happening?”

At this point I’m at about 10-minutes into the designated waiting period. The entire building empties out into the street, as do all the surrounding office buildings and we wait…and wait…and wait…and people in the street point and laugh at me. That’s okay, because honestly, I’m kind of laughing at me too. My colorist looks like she’s going to have a heart attack, especially when they tell us we’re going to need to walk to an evacuation center and await further instruction from city officials.

At this point she starts unwrapping my hair so that I won’t look so crazy on our march, but all of a sudden she spots another salon a block away. We go in, ask if it would be okay if she just rinsed my color out, which they were nice enough to agree to. By the time we were done we were actually allowed to go back to the salon but I was still a little nervous about what the final result would be.

It was…

Exactly what I wanted!

Okay, this is kind of a creepy picture of me, but it shows the color off better than this, less creepy, one…

Now I know: Always get your hair done during an earthquake.