As I write this it is 10:30pm and I’m trying to convince myself that I really want to do a yoga DVD before bed.

Do I really want to do a yoga DVD before bed? Probably not, but my butt and quads are super sore from my lunge-a-thon yesterday, and I may wake up tomorrow a lot less sore if I stretch those muscles out tonight.

I hate when I’m all convincing and stuff.

Lately I’ve definitely had some food obsessions. These happen every once and a while and I just can’t get enough of certain foods. Considering I finally have my appetite back for the first time in weeks, I figure I’ll just give it what it wants and hope it doesn’t rebel again. Currently I am obsessed with all things peanut butter, vegetable soup, and seltzer.

It could be worse; I could be craving a strict diet of gummy worms (it’s happened before).

Oooh, gummy worms.

I better get my downward dog on before I’m tempted to hit up a bodega for some tasty worm-like friends.


Any food obsessions rocking your world lately?


Ezekial English muffin with peanut butter


Boca burger (slightly freezer burned) with avocado and hot sauce in a brown rice tortilla.


Vegetable soup

Exercise: 50 minute yoga DVD…maybe