I definitely fell off the weekend happy-blogging bandwagon, but I think it’s time to restart this little tradition of mine. Mainly because I’m pretty happy.

I’ve recently been introduced to TLC (The Lite Choice). It’s basically crack in the form of a low-cal/fat-free ice cream like substance. This weekend I had peanut butter TLC with Oreo crumbles (all for less than 150 calories!)

The stairmill doesn’t exactly make me “happy” but it makes my butt look better in jeans—and that makes me happy.
The last time I regularly stairmilled was when I was training for the American Lung Association Stair Climb. My butt was never better than it was in that phase of my life. I’ve decided to restore it to its former stair-climbing glory.

Picnicking on the lawn at Lincoln Center

True story: I just saw Star Wars for the first time!

News that a dear friend found her wedding dress!
It looks like Operation Hot Bridesmaid may last a wee bit longer J


What’s Making You Happy This Weekend?