It’s been a while since I wrote a listy type post, and since I’m currently not particularly into blogging my food intake, I figured this is the perfect opportunity to up my useful information quotient.

It may have been mentioned, once, twice, or 9,000 times on here that my library of exercise DVDs is quite extensive, yet to be honest when I’m looking for a home workout there are a few staples that I rely on because, well, they’re the best. If you’re looking to add something to your DVD collection, these are my five must haves when it comes to home workouts:

Element Pilates Weight Loss for Beginners: As far as exercise DVDs go, this one right here is my all time, hands-down, world-rocking, favorite.  This DVD mimics a real life mat class, but a really, really good mat class where you feel completely worked from head to toe, and you finish feeling dewy and beautiful.  Brooke Siler does important things like telling you when to breathe, and how to not have neck strain.

Look Better Naked! DVD Workout: So what if I just happen to have a big-ole girl crush on Jessica Smith. It’s deserved, she’s an amazing instructor. If you’re looking for a really well rounded workout to add to your DVD collection this one is it. The workout includes a 20-minute cardio section that focuses primarily on plyometrics and high intensity intervals, and a 20-minute strength section that might make you cry a little, but they’ll be happy tears when your triceps look all sexy time in a tank top.

10 Minute Solutions Quick Sculpt Pilates: Have I mentioned I like Pilates? I think Pilates is the best thing that has happened to exercise since Lululemon (hmmm, maybe Lululemon came later, but I’m keeping this analogy). If you’re bored of typical mat classes and can’t afford a reformer style class, give this bad boy a shot. It’s hard, really hard, the hardest even. It’s all because of that friggin pink ball. I think I want to marry that ball.

Element Yoga for Weight Loss: While I’m not a huge fan of the title of this DVD, I’m a fan of just about everything else about it. Instructor Ashley Turner leads you through 50-minutes of challenging but not overly advanced series of vinyasas, all while telling you that you’re pretty great and that you should love yourself. She has a master’s degree in psychological counseling so you should take her word for it.

Body by Bethenny: I’m not recommending this workout because it’s the best workout ever, I’m recommending it because it’s the funniest. Sometimes it’s important to remember that exercise should be fun. The 55-minute DVD consists of three segments: Yoga (40 minutes); Strength Training (10 minutes); Booty Bonus (5 minutes). Bethenny Frankel is not a fitness instructor and she doesn’t claim to be, in fact all the instruction work is done by Kristin McGee (who is most definitely the real deal). Bethenny is really just there for comedy relief, and trust me you will chuckle when she instructs you to get into “Boob-to-Knee Pose.”