Hey homies, happy Monday!

So, here’s the deal: I don’t think I’m going to show off all the pictures of my daily eats until whatever summer induced food-hating thing I’ve got going on passes. I don’t like the idea of inadvertently promoting a lifestyle, or caloric intake, that I deem unhealthy and lately anything that’s not made of smoothie isn’t particularly interesting to me—not exactly a balanced diet. I’m getting creative with my blending though, adding things like chai seeds, wheat germ, and ground flax to keep my drinkable meals chocked full of nutrient goodness.

In the meantime, know that I’m drinking a lot of blended stuff.

I am, however, super-duper psyched that my new juicer arrived in the mail today along with a non-cookbook: The Big Book of Juices.

Until further notice, I’m considering this my boyfriend

I put in a grandiose order for produce to be delivered on Wednesday. Once my produce bins are sufficiently stocked I’ll start reporting my progress. For the record: Only buying fruits and vegetables is really friggin expensive. Personally, I think that anything that’s grown from the earth should be free (or at least moderately affordable), and all that crap that’s made in factories should be the pricey stuff. I mean the ground does most of the work, right? When you eat processed foods you have to pay for all of the ingredients and the salaries of the folks that mix them all together until they look like food. There are certain things about the world that I just don’t understand.

If I were at all capable of keeping things alive/interested in playing in the dirt, I would totally take up gardening in my backyard. Perhaps I should join a CSA. Do any of you belong to a community supported agricultural group?