I just ordered a juicer, here’s why:

While I force myself to eat in the summer months, all I really want to do is drink smoothies. I figure perhaps I can get some more nutrients in if I just liquefy my food. It seems like the easy out to eating when it’s 100 degrees outside and food sounds disgusting.

Of course, as soon as I think of a juicing, I think of my little stint on the Organic Avenue juice cleanse—let’s just say it wasn’t pretty.

I’m hoping this constant nausea ceases soon, because I really like food and I wish I wanted to eat it, but until then I’m looking forward to my new juicer’s arrival.

Does anyone else lose their appetite when it’s hot out?


Smoothies seem to be all I really want to eat these days. Cold and refreshing, that’s where it’s at.
This one was made with low fat kefir, frozen berries and vanilla protein powder


Weird lunch, absolutely. I still haven’t gone grocery shopping, so I’m getting more creative in my meal preparation. At least this one had vegetables and protein.


Grilled chicken tacos: Corn tortillas with grilled chicken; and a slaw made from cabbage, avocado, carrot and lime juice