It dawned on me today, while I was sitting on my bum for the umpteenth hour that I have a bridesmaid dress fitting in two months. Two of my best friends are getting married in November, and since I do have a wee bit of a narcissistic streak, I have decided that I would like to be the hottest bridesmaid. It’s not a competition (yes it is), I just want to make my friends’ wedding as perfect as possible (and rock that lil blue strapless number I picked out).

The thing is, working from home has made butt a little square. I’m being serious. No, really, it’s distinctively squarer. There are only so many spin classes you can do to counter couch-butt. So, I decided that I would start Insanity again. The workouts are intense, but really short, so I figure if I add them to my rotation as a mid-day ass reliever I could be in competition shape by the fitting.

This isn’t my “normal” mindset, there’s just something about weddings that brings out the crazy. I think it’s the picture factor. Whatever it is, I’m feeling the pressure. At some point between the third set of jump-squats and mountain climbers, I remembered that I made a video about this back in the Pretty Imperfect days. I have literally become the butt (no pun intended) of my own joke. Karma.

Does anyone else get incredibly stressed by weddings?


Can we all just admit that smoothies are just milk shakes we don’t have to feel guilty about?
Almond milk, peanut butter, banana, chocolate protein powder, wheat germ, ground flax


Brown rice pasta, broccoli, shrimp, garden vegetable sauce


I didn’t plan well; I had a late snack of lite cheese and an apple, and then had a writing class. By the time it was over I just wanted to blog and go to bed. At least my appetite seems to be better than it was yesterday.

Sweating: Insanity-Plyometric Cardio Circuit (aka, a sure fire way to piss off your downstairs neighbors)