Eating: verb; Something Kim enjoys tremendously, but caused her great pain today.

Is someone preggers out there? I think I’m having sympathy morning sickness for someone. Since my high school health book said you need to have sex to get pregnant, I’m pretty sure I’m not, which means it’s someone out there’s fault. It’s okay to fess up, I won’t be mad at you, I’ll just ask you to stop.

Since eating didn’t seem to be working out for me today, I decided to lock myself in my office and write. Seeing as how I currently work 358 jobs and have undertaken the task of writing a book, this was a very productive choice. I had no idea how distracting eating food was. If this keeps up I’ll have that book done and be donning hot pants in no time. I’m just kidding—I would never wear hot pants…or stop eating.

I like to pretend that I’m the model of all things rational, in a healthy but not too healthy kind of way, but I do strongly believe in listening to your body. It seems like every few months my appetite disappears and then just as suddenly reappears in a few days. There’s nothing wrong with me medically, so I’ve decided that it’s best in these moments to just listen to what my body is saying. Of course when my body is saying that I should eat my weights worth in gummy worms I also have the inclination to listen. Everything in moderation, including moderation. I have to say, gummy worm phases are far more fun.



Peanut butter toast with strawberries.
A pretty benign breakfast, but surprisingly upsetting to my stomach.