My little hometown vacation is over, and I appear to be back to my city girl ways. I have to admit that I’m a bit set in my eating and exercising habits, and like most vacations that seems to fall by the wayside when I’m back home for extended periods of time. The first thing I did when I keyed into my apartment was check out the gym schedule for tomorrow. It’s nice to take a few days off to be lazy and eat BBQ, but too much of it gets has feeling icktastic.

After scoping out a spin class for tomorrow, I popped a couple of TUMS (I’m not used to eating that much grease, I’m definitely feeling it) and made a typical Kim-style dinner. As comforting as going home is, coming back feels pretty good too!

How do you keep your vacations healthy?


Doesn’t my mom make the itsy-bitsiest omelets?
I guess this works with my goal to eat smaller meals.


Before I left Long Island for civilization Brooklyn, the folks and I decided to grab lunch. We went somewhere I haven’t been since high school

Short story: When I was in high school I used to consider pancakes my lucky food, so before every audition I would go to IHOP.

Things sure are a lot healthier there now, than they were when I was 16.

Sweet nectar of the gods

Egg beater omelet (I would have preferred egg whites, but beggars can’t be choosers) with spinach, musrhooms and tomato
Fresh fruit salad


By dinner I was pretty psyched to be home and my pangs for a more “normal” life seemed to have subsided. Bring on the subway and bodegas, it’s good to be back in Brooklyn!

Brown rice spaghetti, shrimp and broccoli with garden vegetable pasta sauce