Toto, we’re not in Brooklyn anymore.

I’m out in the burbs celebrating Independence Day with my hometown friends, and those crazy kids I like to call Mom and Dad. The last few times I’ve been home the thing that has struck me most is how grown up every one seems to be. My friends own houses (some with fire pits and giant American flags in the backyard), have cars, are planning weddings, and popping out babies.

I’m still living the same life I was when I graduated from college. I still live in a rented Brooklyn apartment, I’m still single (okay, actually when I graduated from college I had a boyfriend, so my 21 year old self is actually winning this comparison), I’m still trying to make my way in the artistic community, and I can still stumble in at 2am from a night out on the town. Sometimes this feels like an awesome reality, and sometimes, times like now when I’m surrounded by people that actually seem to be growing up, I feel like an overgrown teenager.

How old do you have to be before you’re officially an adult?

I’m mostly psyched about where my life is right now, but I sometimes have pangs of longing for the more traditional. If only I could figure out how to mesh the life I have (and love) with the comforts of the life I ran away from grew up with. Methinks this is definitely one of those grass is greener moments.


Dad was in charge of breakfast. Dad likes carbs.
Bagel with butter.


I’m going to be honest and say that I did not photograph everything I ate, but I’m going to try and rattle off as much as I can remember:

I don’t eat hot dogs often (sometimes I buy a pack of tofu pups), but I do love them.

This doesn’t need a caption, right?

Then came my first ever taste of venison. My BBQ host caught it himself, which kind of freaked me out, but made me feel slightly better about eating such cute animal. I could only eat a bite though; I’m still rationalizing the Bambi factor.

That potato salad was the only thing resembling a vegetable I ate all day
Ribs are not a plant. Who knew?

Then there was half a giant marshmallow.

I’m very full. The thing I miss most about Brooklyn right now is my produce bin.

Happy Independence Day!/Happy Monday for people not in the USA!