I’m not going to lie, I spent yesterday forgetting that I’m no longer in college, and ingesting my weights worth in vodka, tomato juice, and horseradish.

Let’s just say I spent most of last night switching religions based on which deity I thought might be able to help me most at the time. I don’t quite remember where I left things but I may currently be a devout worshiper of Slimer from Ghostbusters.

The good news: I don’t think that I’m ever going to drink again. This declaration sounds vaguely familiar, like I’ve made it many times before. AND, I kind of feel like I’ve had an inadvertent detox. You know, if a detox equals dehydration and malnourishment. Either way, after an evening purging my system of all solids, liquids, and possibly an organ or two, I’m feeling all sorts of clean. Silver-lining established. Now, where’s my aspirin?


Breakfast consisted of a slice of whole grain bread that I ate over the course of four hours.


Ginger ale. Old wise women everywhere say it settles your stomach.


I decided that some white rice and steamed vegetables would be sufficiently nourishing…and keep me out of the kitchen where things have the tendency to be pungent. Some people are light and sound sensitive when they’re hungover, not I, it’s all heighted-olfactory sense over here.


I’m going to sleep now (it’s 4pm), I’ll see you on Tuesday.