I was pretty decent at my resolution to eat frequent small meals toward the beginning of the month, but as soon as I landed myself back in a cubicle I reverted right back to my three-meal-a-day ways.

There are two camps on the snacking philosophy: one says that small frequent meals keeps your metabolism firing up, and your blood sugar steady throughout the day, the other says calories are calories and it doesn’t matter how or when you eat them. I don’t know that there’s a right answer, but I do know it takes a while to readjust to a new style of eating, and I haven’t been making that adjustment very easily.

When my tummy starts grumbling I just assume it’s time for my next meal; I’ve always just let my stomach tell me when it was time to eat. I understand the philosophy of not letting yourself get hungry, by snacking, but there’s still a voice inside my head that says “If you’re not hungry, why are you eating.”

Damn that little rational voice. In the meantime, my phone continues to beep every three hours to remind me to snack (which has definitely had its embarrassing moments while out with friends), but as I sit in my cubicle I just ignore it. I may have to pick up this experiment again next week when I’m back to working at home.


Fiber O’s with strawberries and 1% milk
Coffee, glorious coffee.
I’ve stuck with soy and almond milk for so long, I figured it was time to shake things up and go with the cow stuff again. There’s something about cereal that just tastes right with “real” milk, everything else I use milk in tastes better with the almond variety.


I actually made lunch to bring to work today. Look at me being all economical.
Whole grain bread, spinach, ham, mustard


Nothing like a piping hot bowl of soup on a summer’s night J
Hot and sour soup