Long time, no see! Look who finally remembered she had a blog 😉

A couple of weeks ago I had mentioned feeling seriously burnt out. I took a day off to recharge, but I’m not sure that was enough, because last week I felt like someone had turned the shut-off valve for my energy level. No matter how much I tried to rally my brain and body for life at large, all I could muster was snacks and TV. I wasn’t depressed, I just felt completely exhausted. So, I took far more than a day off—basically I took an entire week off to be as lazy as I needed to be. I still did some work—because a girl’s got to make the money with which to pay the nice delivery man, but I cut back on my output. By about Friday I started to feel like a human again.

I decided to make up for lost time and dedicated my entire Saturday to catching up on work, and on Sunday I put the laptop away for good and went to go celebrate my father for Daddy’s Day.

Now it’s Monday and I’m feeling like my old self again. Good thing too, because it’s going to be a busy week: I took on a new writing job, I’m taking a class, and I’m stationed in magazineland all week. Lessen to be learned: When your body is telling you something—listen. Taking a day off was great, but my body was feeling pretty worn out: between increasing my gym hours to prepare for certification classes, to taking on more freelance work, I have most definitely not been giving myself ample down time to recoup. I’m going to make that a new goal: Down time—it’s what normal people do so they don’t end up tethered to their couch, ordering food on the Internet for an entire week.

Speaking of food, I have declared June 20th the day of the sandwich, because well, it would appear that all three of my meals were in sandwich form.


: b
Mini bagel with egg, lite cheese, avocado and hot sauce


I still haven’t scoped out my new work ‘hood for good lunch options. Subway it is!


Sprouted grain bun with veggie burger and lite cheese
Steamed squash