One of my major beliefs in life is that people do not change. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I think we are who we are, and that’s fantastic. The real trick comes in learning how emphasize your strengths and manage your shortcomings. I think I’ve made this abundantly clear, right here on my little corner of the internet that I’m full of ’em, shortcomings that is.

One of my major downfalls is momentum. When I lose it, whatever brilliant idea I had may as well have never tickled neurons of my frontal lobe (that’s the part of your brain that does all that pesky thinking). This is actually the truth behind why I take so many classes. Cash-money is a major motivator for me. When I feel myself starting slack off, I know it’s time to spend a little. I love money and I hate wasting. True story: “money” was my first word. I’m sure my parents were thrilled.

No matter what my goal is: defined shoulders, a polished book proposal, or a working knowledge of another language; I strongly believe in the importance of investing in myself. I’m the only me I get, and obviously investing is very literal in my case, but there are so many ways to invest in yourself.

For some people follow-through isn’t an issue (whomever you are, can you teach me your magical secret), for some it’s saying ‘no’, or going to extremes, or finding a little me time. I say we skip the negative self-talk that tends to come with being human, and instead invest a little more in ourselves; a little more time, a little more patience, a little more Mr. Bubble.

As for me, I’m doing what I do best, taking a class. As it turns out writing a memoir is hard, and when the going gets hard, the Kim watches Netflix. As I noticed my attention waning from the keyboard and to the television I knew it was time to do a little investing. Luckily, I found an digital memoir class starting this week that I could join. This is my first time taking a class online and I’m finding it fascinating. In many ways it seems more concentrated than some of the in-person writing classes I’ve done (and I’ve done many), because there’s little room for tangents. Tonight was my first chat lecture and it was really helpful. The process seems to be doing the trick; I’m inspired to get back to booking ASAP.

What do you consider your shortcomings? How do you work around them?

Putting your life in writing can be seriously nerve wrecking.

Eating is not. Eating is fun.


Whole wheat mini bagel with lite cream cheese


Salad with carrot, cucumber, chicken, egg, avocado, and peppercorn dressing


Brown rice pasta with broccoli, shrimp, and sauce

My resolution to eat 5-small meals seems to be losing momentum, too! Looks like I’m going to need to invest a little time into planning.