“Erghrgrh, why so hot?”

I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what I said, aloud, at 4am yesterday morning when I woke up drenched in sweat.

As modern as New York may be, we have some seriously old infrastructure, and the motto here is “Why fix till it’s broken?”  Every summer without fail a few lucky neighborhoods will overload the ancient wiring that keeps this wondrous metropolis in air-conditioning. Yesterday was my turn. At first I had assumed that the air-conditioner/fan combo had going had blown a fuse in my building, as soon as I heard movement in the apartment above me, I ran upstairs to apologize to my landlords and ask if they could let me at the fuse box.

After a moderate amount of laughing at me they told me that the whole neighborhood was out, there was an electrical explosion overnight, and sure enough when I looked outside there were cops and electrical vans everywhere.

Seriously now, how is a girl expected to blog for a living with no access to the Internet? This must have been what life was like in olden times, times like the 80s!

I couldn’t even make breakfast: my stove was out, my microwave gave up, and there would be no blending or toasting. It was time to bundle up my computer and get some breakfast and some work done. The first café I went to had great breakfast, but the internet was out, the second had internet but the air-conditioning was out (I’m not too picky, but when you’re in a place that’s constantly brewing hot beverages on a 100 degree day, air-conditioning would be nice), and finally I landed myself in Starbucks for al little worky-work. Having already had coffee and breakfast at other cafes, I just stuck with a bottle of water. Power outages are really tough on the budget!

Then, as a reward for being so dedicated to making money I went to Trader Joe’s to spend money. I’m not exactly sure what happens to my brain when I’m in the confines of TJ’s but self-control is simply not an option. When I got home and started to unpack my groceries I noticed a theme: Chocolate coconut-milk ice cream, chocolate/mint-chocolate chip mini-ice cream sandwiches, dark chocolate covered pretzels, and a low-sugar dark chocolate with almonds bar. Have I ever mentioned I’m not really a chocolate person? As I was putting away my new stash of cocoa laden goodies I realized that my Aunt Flo is due for a visit. I may not be a chocolate lover, but she sure is.

Anyone want to come over and eat some candy? This is enough chocolate to keep me sated for the rest of 2011.


Look familiar? It’s the same breakfast I had on Tuesday. Iced coffee and egg whites with ham and cheese on rye bread.


Trader Joe’s Shrimp Spring Roll with sweet chili sauce


Perks of the job: I went to test out a new bar menu at Fig & Olive in the Meat Packing District.

Nicoise Olive Brine Martini!

It’s a rough job, but someone’s got to do it!