Guys, I need a vacation.

My last vacation, a year and a half ago, ended with an airport breakup. I reserve the right to a do-over on the relaxation front. I had been saving for a trip to Greece with a friend this September, but since the plans and savings accounts were established she started planning a wedding and I lost access to my major source of income. It looks like I won’t be relaxing on any Isles any time soon. Since I can no longer afford to luxuriate on white sandy beaches, I did the next best thing…I went home.

Yesterday I spent the day on the small coastal town of Greenport, Long Island with my two best friends. While growing up I couldn’t wait to get away from the ‘burbs and get myself to a city, I do have to admit that there are parts of the Island that are beautiful. There are definitely perks to growing up somewhere where you’re at most 10-minutes from the water.

We spent our day playing tourist: Window shopping, indulging in local eats, and getting comfortable with face-in-hole photo ops:

Something tells me I this is not what I would be doing, where I vacationing in Greece right now

…but at least there’s lobster bisque

…and stuffed shrimp

We burned off lunch by carefully scavenging around an antique shop.

Creepy Michael Jackson doll?

Scottish Cabbage Patch doll, anyone?

What about a miniature Dwight Eisenhower? Who’s a cute lil’ President?

Or George and Martha Washington S&P shakers?
Such a happy couple, I can only hope that one day I too can find the kind of love and passion that was obviously pulsing between these two.

Okay, I admit it, I’m not much of an antiques/yard sale person, but I do like gelato!

After eating this I was actually pretty glad I was nowhere near a bathing suit.

But it didn’t stop me from staring longingly at the candy store.

Okay, so maybe it’s not 10-days on white sandy beaches, but my little daycation felt all sorts of recharging and indulgent. Sometimes you just need time off from the grind to spend annoying shop keepers with your friends.