I have learned two very important things in the last couple of days:

  1. Walking the 2-mile walk to the gym daily means sun-burnt shoulders. Remember to wear sunscreen…and sleeves until the burn goes down.
  2. I do not own enough sundresses.

It would appear in my last closet cleaning that I donated a lot of my summer wardrobe. I should probably have thought that out more thoroughly, but at least it’s a good excuse to go shopping. Well, that would be if I actually enjoyed shopping for clothing. I am sometimes concerned that I lack the quintessential female gene that enjoys buying clothes. Workout gear, yes; clothing that’s appropriate to be seen in public in, notsomuch. Mostly I find myself in dressing rooms, staring at every flaw in the mirror, and talking myself down from crying in in a poorly lit public space. So yeah, shopping is not my favorite thing. But sundresses are. Sundresses are right up there with leggings in the ‘most comfortable clothing’ category. Sundresses are like being allowed to walk around in public wearing pajamas. I need to replenish my supply (and perhaps move to a warmer climate that would allow me to wear them 365) . Luckily I stopped by a discount store and found this bright pink number for a whopping $10. No dressing room required, I just picked it up, brought it the register and continued on my merry way…self-confidence intact. I wish all shopping were that easy. But seriously, why is dressing room lighting so cruel?

Apparently I’ve always felt this way, here’s an old ‘Pretty Imperfect’ episode of me vs. the dressing room:

and now it’s time for some food…


Sandwich thin with egg, lite Swiss cheese, turkey bacon


Plum and lite cheese


Tortilla fail. Note to self: don’t get distracted while reheating tortillas

Luckily I had more. This was SOOOO good. Veggie burger, refried beans, avocado in a tortilla

Post Workout

Chocolate protein powder and low fat milk


Steamed summer squash
Grilled pork

Friday Exercise: 45-minute spin class, 60 minutes strength training, 4-mile walk