You know what the best part of getting certified to instruct spin again was?

Tax-deductible cycling shoes!

I have had cycling shoes on my secret fitness wish list forever. For years, whenever my family members would inquire about what I wanted for my birthday my mom would tell them ‘She really wants cycling shoes’ to which she often got the response ‘that’s not a gift!’

Since I go through a few pairs of running shoes a year, and those can get pricy, I couldn’t justify indulging in another set of expensive fitness related shoes. As it is I have a serious problem when it comes to practical footwear: I have a ton of high heels that I used when I was uniformed in pencil skirts and pumps in my office life, and I have a bunch of sneakers…if an occasion requires any other type of shoe I’m usually at a loss. And really, I’m not a big fan of wearing heels on a daily basis. Basically, what I need to do is buy normal shoes, not more sneakers. BUT, when I recertified I automatically qualified for a discount on Spinning gear, and when I passed my certification exam they gave me another discount. The double discount, coupled with the fact that I can write these suckers off on my taxes made the indulgence completely justifiable in my brain. (This took hours of rationality manipulation, I would appreciate it if no one poked holes in my carefully crafted self-enabling mechanism. J)

My pretty new shoes arrived yesterday. Usually I have a Mon/Wed/Fri spinning rotation but I’m going to try and find a class tonight to go to so I can test these suckers out.

Did anyone go running yesterday for National Running Day? I hit the park up for a short run mid-afternoon. I only got in about 1.5 miles before I decided to walk it out—it was really hot and I was definitely not properly hydrated. Later on I hit the gym up for some elliptical time and strength training.


Mini whole wheat bagel with lite cream cheese


Mango and lite Cheddar cheese
Can you tell how much I love summer fruit?


Trail mix (I <3 Trader Joe’s individual trail mix packets)


This was a super tasty concoction of leftovers. Whole wheat tortilla with chicken strips, brown rice, refried beans and hot sauce.
Who needs Taco Bell?


Some people are far more talented than I am.

I stopped by a local speak easy style restaurant/bar. There are only two things on the menu that come with fries, and their fries are AMAZING. It was either muscles or a burger, I figured of the two the mussels would probably be the most healthy. It may not be ‘clean’ eating, but I was aiming for balance.