It’s Memorial Day here in the US (I’m hoping that you US folk are enjoying a long weekend!) and I spent a good portion of my weekend peppering my dad with questions about his time in the military. Papa Miller served in the army between 1969-1971, and was stationed in Germany and Vietnam. I don’t always agree with the politics behind war, but I am eternally grateful to the amazing men and women that serve in the armed forces. I can’t even imagine that kind of selflessness, and I’m so thankful for those that are capable of it.

In addition to its solemn nature, Memorial Day has somehow become synonymous with grilling. I considered it my patriotic duty to fire up my BBQ for the first time this season. My mom and dad came over for a good old fashioned family BBQ; mom made the turkey burgers, I diced and seasoned the vegetables, and dad supervised the charcoal distribution. We added some fruit for a little bit of sweetness, and voila: a healthy and totally tasty barbeque.

Now that the summer has unofficially started I’m sure there are going to lots more barbeques to keep me fed. I’m going to do my best to keep things healthy, but I have to admit, every once and a while I just want a good old fashioned hot dog J
What are your favorite BBQ eats?



Fennel, mushrooms, and pablano peppers roasted on the grill

Turkey burgers with peppers and onion

Turkey burger with Swiss cheese and pepper, pineapple, blackberries, watermelon (not pictured), and grilled veggies