Mission accomplished.  I headed out to Long Island yesterday for my appearance on the local news to discuss gadgets and gizmos geared toward getting in shape for the summer.  The anchor seemed pretty excited about the Nike+ Sports Watch, when she we were off the air she said she was going to get one–I have to say I’m kind of tempted too (I don’t get to keep this swag), but the the Garmin is actually cheaper (while it doesn’t plot your route on a map, it does all the other stuff for about $70 less).  The producer also asked if I wanted to showcase my BodyMedia, I was wearing my armband before I went on the air, but the show shoots in HD and it doesn’t look quite as shiny and new as it once did–I figured the good people of Long Island did not want to see my ratty old armband, no matter how cool it is.

I ended up going barefoot during the segment.  Compared to the teeny-tiny anchor I looked like an ogre.  I’m a whopping 5’4″ and she asked if I could take off my shoes so I wouldn’t be soooooo  tall.  It’s a definitely a rarity in life that I am considered tall–I’ll take it when I can get it.

Now that I’m on Long Island I figured it would be a good excuse to visit the friends and fam.  While I’m here I’m secretly plotting to get my dad to do an exercise video with me.  Whenever I find a ‘dude friendly’ DVD I pass it on to him in hopes that he’ll be enthralled and become an exercise junkie.  So far it hasn’t worked out, but I’m not giving up.

So that’s pretty much my Memorial Day weekend plan: Talk fitness gear and harass my father into lunges. What are you up to this weekend?



Granola, Greek yogurt, and banana


Wrap with roast turkey and mustard
Salad with lemon vinaigrette

After my shoot my best friend and I hit up a local seafood restaurant (it is an island after all).  I ordered the broiled seafood plate–let’s just say it was not quite as healthy as I thought it was going to be–but it was yummy.