I have often recommended DailyPlate.com/Livestrong.com for food journaling purposes. I even have the iPhone app so that I can track on the go. The online database of food and exercise is amazingly extensive, and it just happens to be free. Who doesn’t love free?

Well, I’m starting not to. Yesterday I received an email from a friend who said that she recently logged on to keep track of her daily calories, and instead of her previously established recommended 1750 calories, the site was now telling her to that she should be eating 952 calories a day.

That’s an 800 calorie per day difference! Never mind the fact that you should never eat below 1200 calories a day (unless you’re really petite, but then you should speak to a nutritionist about your calorie requirements). Smarty pants that she is, and knowing the ACSM caloric recommendations, this friend actually contacted Livestrong.com and asked about the change and suggested that they offer a minimum option of 1200 calories “to prevent people from legitimizing unhealthy lifestyle choices.”

So well-spoken.

Anyhoo, Livestrong.com wrote back and told her that they changed the daily caloric calculator to help people lose weight more quickly, and if she thought it was too aggressive she should adjust her weight loss goals.

It’s easy enough to change the settings for your own personal caloric preferences, but it really does worry me that such a popular website would promote such an unhealthy means of weight loss. When I logged in, instead of my normal 1400 calorie allowance, I found an allowance of 818 calories per day. That is really low. Too low. I can’t imagine living strong on 800 calories a day. That’s just craziness.

I really like this site, but I cannot get behind their change in recommended caloric intakes.

Do you use an online food journal? What do you use?


To quote Jewel, “If I could tell the world just one thing it would be that we’re all okay.” Then I would tell them that eggs and refried beans are seriously awesome and should be eaten regularly with hot sauce and cheese.
Whole wheat tortilla, vegetarian refried beans, Swiss cheese, and hot sauce


French onion soup


I didn’t have much of an appetite, so I just had some cantaloupe for dinner


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