Voila! A bundle of fit-friendly technology was messengered to me today to try out before my little segment on the news later this week.
On a personal note (and this is not a review) the things I’m most excited to try out are the scale (it emails your weight and body fat percentage to your iPhone!) and the ActiFry. Okay, mostly the ActiFry. I saw it in action last year at the Self Workout in the Park launch party, but I’m glad I get to get a second look. I’ll let you guys know how it turns out :0)

Today was all about running around, some of it for business, some for pleasure, but I was able to find a gym in the neighborhood I was in and pop in for an impromptu yoga class. I learned an extremely important thing: I like yoga when it comes in 60-minute increments. Usually the classes I take at the studio are 90-minutes long, and not being a natural yogi that’s a wee bit hard for me. I don’t have the attention span for it. As it turns out, this class was led by the same instructor as one of the studios I go to, but I liked the class so much more because it was only 60-minutes long. It may not be optimal yogification timing, but I’m all about working with your own natural preferences. I think I may just have found myself a new yoga class.

Between business obligations and yoga classes I got to catch up with a couple of friends. My friend Corey will have an essay published in the September issue of Marie Claire. I’m psyched for her. I’ve been boycotting that magazine since their blogger Maura Kelly posted an extremely weight biased post that I most definitely do not agree with. BUT I’m willing to break my boycott for this very special occasion. I also got to catch up with a friend from college who has recently relocated back to New York. In between it all I stopped for a sushi lunch at Whole Foods where I did a little studying for my spin instructor exam (which I took and passed tonight, yay). All in a day’s work. Now I think it’s time to collapse.


Oatmeal with sour cream


Brown rice sushi with tuna and avocado


Diet coke, vodka and lime. I’m pretty sure this cocktail is called a ‘Skinny Bitch.’

Spinach quesadilla