Happy Monday!

I little shameless plugging to my Long Island readers: I will be making an appearance on News 12 Long Island’s evening news to review what’s new in the world of fitness gadgetry on Friday at around 7:10. So, if you’re of the Long Island persuasion check it out! In the mean time I’ll be busy testing out a bunch of technological goodies. There are some days I’m really psyched about my life.

In addition to spending my weekend on a spin bike, I started reading ‘The Duken Diet.’ I haven’t finished it yet, so I’m not going to give my final review of it, but WOW does it seem like a miserable life: all protein, all the time. I did notice something strange about myself while reading it though—even though this diet is pretty much the antithesis of everything I believe in, its claims are so extreme that I was really tempted to give it a whirl, just to see what would happen. But guys, there’s no fruit on it. NO FRUIT! How can you live without fruit? How can you have a summer without fruit? Fruit is like the planet’s little gold-star of happiness. I don’t trust any diet that doesn’t allow for fruit.

In my general opinion extreme diets may help you lose a lot of weight very quickly, but in the long run they just screw up our system. Eating only protein for months at a time does not seem healthy. It can be really hard to wait to lose weight, but our body isn’t an enemy to be conquered into submission quickly. It is us, it’s all we have, for our whole lives it’s the only body we have—I think it deserves a little care and patience.

I really am totally enthralled by diet books. I love them. I mean, they’re totally nuts, but they’re so romantic in a way. They’re very empowering, they make you feel like you can overcome your body (as if it were an obstacle in your way in the first place) and live the perfect life, if you only just have the will-power to eat only protein, or drink cayenne lemon juice, or compartmentalize your meals. It’s all very exciting! Sometimes I’m amazed at how quickly I can be lured into the idea of these fad diets. It takes a whole lot of rationalizing to get myself to back off the protein packed ledge, and back onto the solid ground of moderation.

What’s the craziest diet you’ve ever been on?


Trader Joe’s Fiber O’s with banana and freeze-dried raspberries,
with almond milk


Salad with lettuce, , cucumber, olives, feta, turkey, and lemon vinaigrette


Stir-fry with broccoli, peppers, tofu, almonds, and sesame seeds in THE BEST SAUCE THAT EVERY HAPPENED over brown rice.
I made ‘Takeout-Style Sesame Noodles’ from The Essential New York Times Cookbook over the weekend and I’m slightly addicted to the sauce. I want to put it on everything I make.
Here’s a link to the recipe.