I finished my project in magazineville early, and had the day to myself. I immediately contacted a friend who also works from home the majority of the time to see if she was up for a work-date. We spent the day typing away at her apartment. While we hardly spoke, it was just nice and comfy to be in the presence of a friend. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had an office of just your nearest and dearest friends? How amazing and supportive would life be? Who can I send a memo to about that?

During a short break she explained how she’d been struggling with her quality of life lately. All work and no play can make getting up every day a real bummer, and with the addition of a promotion to her already busy work life she’s been losing sight of the things that make her happy: home cooked meals, exercise, long head-clearing walks.

I can totally sympathize! It can be so hard to prioritize ourselves when there are so many other priorities just clambering for the spotlight. Let’s face it: we live in a work-obsessed world (and some people have things like significant others and children—I have no idea how they do it). I’m in a bit of a similar funk these days: I’m pretty good at juggling multiple balls, but sometimes it can be hard to put everything down and rest your arms. I mean, I do it, but then I feel really guilty about it. My immediate reaction to this sort of work/life imbalance is to work harder. I promise myself that I will get back to my 5am wake-ups, I will never watch TV, I will work out twice a day, I will do my taxes while grocery shopping—anything to make more time for actual living.

Let me just go ahead and say that has never actually worked. For a couple of days I feel bad about myself for needing a little couch time at the end of the day, and for not being able to get up before the sunrise. No matter how old and wise-ish I get, the blatant fact that I am not super-human continues to amaze me. When n my self-loathing phase is done, and it really can’t last too long, my second instinct is to do what I can. Fit in the little pieces of comfort I can in an already chaotic day, and try not berating myself if I need to have dinner delivered in order to get in some much needed down time.

Today was actually a great reprieve for me from that funnel cloud feeling. My to-do list was accomplishable, I saw a friend, got in some exercise (I solemnly believe that dancing to The Michael Jackson Experience on my Wii qualifies as serious cardio, and no one can convince me otherwise), and read a book. For me that is a perfect Friday. I better get my relaxing in now because first thing in the morning I head to my 9-hour spin instruction class. At least I know I’ll get some exercise in J .

How do you prioritize yourself when life gets hectic?

PS-For those of you into Urban Fantasy reading, and I know you’re out there based on the comments last weekend, I’ve been reading the Chicagoland Vampire Series—so far I’m impressed. They get the Kim stamp of approval.


Smoothie with almond milk, protein powder, banana, mango, pineapple, strawberry


(Look how short my to-do list was! It was seriously like a vacation for my brain.)

(I solemnly believe that dancing to The Michael Jackson Experience on my Wii qualifies as serious cardio, and no one can convince me otherwise).


Fava bean stew over bulgur


Inspiration for dinner was actually a Greek salad. I had everything for the salad except for the lettuce, so I through in pasta and some spinach instead.
Brown rice pasta with spinach, tomato, kalamata olives, shrimp, and feta. It was yummy.