Welcome to egg and nut-butter week on The Kim Challenge.

Methinks that other “health living” bloggers are probably a wee bit more responsible about grocery shopping than I am. I have the tendency to buy a lot of stuff at once, and then forget to shop for weeks at a time. Let’s just say I’m on the tail end of one of those cycles (I blame the non-stop rain, who wants to carry groceries in the rain?) and the contents of my fridge consist of eggs/egg whites, frozen bread, a little bit of produce, cheese, various nut butters, and jam. Therefore, this week I’m making do with what I have. It may not be a particularly well-balanced and creative week, but it’s a life.



Egg white omelet with low-fat mozzarella
Whole grain bread with Earth Balance


Cinnamon raisin bread with cashew butter and apricot jam
Reduced fat cheese


Lucky for me, a friend emailed me mid-day to invite me out to a wine tasting. Yay for food that’s not in cheese or nut butter form!

In between wines we shared some ‘tuna tacos’ which were really more like tortilla chips with tuna on it. Weird.
French fries

Yay for impromptu girls nights!