Thanks for all of your words of medical insurance wisdom. I’ve done a wee bit more research and think I’ve found a plan, well I’ve applied for a plan and we’ll see if they accept me. New York has discounted health insurance for people under a certain monthly income, small businesses, and self-employed folk. I would be the first and last of those options. There’s a part of me that wants to throw caution to the wind and go for emergency-only insurance, but I’m asthmatic and that inconvenient fact leaves me a little too scared to not have the option to see a doctor if I need to. Luckily the state subsidized insurance I’ve applied for falls somewhere between options B and C financially. It won’t be easy on my bank account but, I know my mom will sleep a lot better at night. Now I just have to wait to see if I’m accepted.

Luckily (?) all of this thinking about money and bills got me anxious about some outstanding invoices I’ve had out there in Accounts Payable Land. If you’ve never been there, the land of Accounts Payable is magic: invoices go in, but checks don’t always go out. I’ve been freelancing for a long time, and am pretty used to the hoops one must jump to get paid, but when I had an office job to subsidize my living I wasn’t quite as anxious about it. One of my clients hadn’t paid me at all in 2011—that’s five months of invoices just sitting in accounting collecting dust. Needless to say, I freaked out a bit and contacted the most senior person I know about the problem. I got confirmation this morning that the checks will be expedited—look at that, an instant few months of insurance.

There are a lot of perks to being your own boss, getting paid in a timely manner is not one of them. Getting exercise DVDs in the mail is!

I have a huge stack of exercise DVDs that I haven’t tried and I need to get to them. Since this is one of my weeks in magazineville, my gym schedule is shot and I’m relying on DVDs to keep me sweaty. I started the day with one of the new 10 Pounds Down DVDs (there’s two in the collection, I’m going to do them both and review—probably sometime next week when I’m back to being functional). These DVDs have the same instructor as the Look Better Naked DVD that I lurved and do ALL THE TIME!

Meanwhile, I’m recertifying as a spin instructor this weekend—I’m hoping I have some time in my schedule to get to a spin class before Saturday. Eek!



Scrambled egg whites with spinach and mozzarella
Whole grain toast
Orange juice


All this talk of health insurance costs made me think I should probably stop spending money on lunch. Given the current state of my fridge, PB & J was my only option.
Cinnamon raisin Ezekial bread, peanut butter, raspberry jam
Reduced fat cheese


Tofu stir-fry with broccoli and peppers, almond slivers, brown rice, teriyaki sauce