This is the face of a girl with a cubicle (and a girl who desperately needs a haircut)

Today was my first day back in the non-working-from-home world. My new gig is pretty perfect for my life right now: I only have to go into the office two weeks out of the month, I’m surrounded by health magazines, and there’s organic milk for the coffee. What else could a girl want?

This also means I’m going to have to start setting my alarm for the wee early hours because I’ll be juggling multiple gigs again, and still trying to find time for a workout and finishing my book outline before the end of the week (my personal deadline). The goal for tomorrow is a 6:45am spin class. I tend to be extremely convincing (to myself) that I need to sleep more in the mornings so who knows if it will actually happen.

Morning exercisers, how do you keep from talking yourself back into the fetal position?

Oh, and I found the coolest thing today:

They’re freeze dried raspberries. It’s like popcorn and raspberries had a baby. Okay, that sounds kind of gross, but I swear they’re good. They taste like raspberries, and they look like raspberries, but they’re crispy and dry. So weird, but so good.



Trader Joe’s Fiber O’s with banana and 1% milk


I haven’t quite scoped out my new office ‘hood for hot lunch spots. For today Subway sufficed.


Some nights are dinner in front of the TV nights.
Pork chop (I don’t usually eat pork because I think pigs are super cute, but I’ve been trying to shake things up)
Roasted asparagus
White zinfandel
A healthy dose of Netflix