Yoga anyone?

I saw this yogarific statue while wandering around the Rockefeller Center area over the weekend. It reminded me that I’ve been seriously neglecting my flexibility training. Maybe I’ll make time for a yoga class this week.

Also, look at the face. Does it remind you of anyone?

I must have seriously looked like a perv circling around a statue of an uber flexible woman wearing a teeny-tiny bikini, but I kept thinking that she looked familiar. Then it came to me, it’s Kate Moss.

No, seriously, it actually is Kate Moss. Apparently the artist, Marc Quinn has a whole series of Moss inspired yoga statues.

That’s weird, right?

Now I’m feeling all insecure about not having a yoga statue dedicated to me J. But, truth be told most of my time as of late has been spent on a spin bike in preparation for the instructor certification class. Maybe Mr. Quinn would like to sculpt me on a bike, I think I’ll write him a letter and tell him that should happen.

I had a nice weekend with the fam. As a thank you to my mom (and dad) for making me I made them come to Brooklyn for manual labor. They are some lucky folk, let me tell you. In fairness they volunteered. I’ve been nesting lately, and there was one final touch I wanted to make before I considered my bedroom redecoration done…I needed to paint.

I have never had a bedroom that wasn’t white. I’m way more excited about painting than is probably normal. But look, it’s done…

I finally have a grown up bedroom. I don’t think I have any more rooms that need redecorating, it looks like I’ll need a new (hopefully cheaper) mission in life.

I’m off to bed, I start my magazine job tomorrow! Wish me luck J


I had breakfast outside this morning. I’m not sure why I don’t do this more often.
Two eggs, lite whole wheat English muffin, strawberries



Bagel thin with ham and Muenster cheese (it was a wee bit burnt)


Salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, oven friend chicken, and parmesan peppercorn dressing

I took a crazy hard spin class tonight, it burned 900 calories–that’s unheard of!