Where was I yesterday?

Well, I have a really hard life. First I went out for drinks, because that’s what I do for a living…

I made my own Bellini at the new Gansevoort Hotel bar, Asellina…

Those are shots of juice, not liquor. Messy, but fun.

Then, being the stud-muffin that I am, I had a date. When it rains it pours. I don’t think I’m doing Chuck Woolery proud (that was a Love Connection reference, please tell me I’m not the only one who watched cheesy 80s dating shoes as kid?), but it’s fun to meet folks and do interesting things: so far this week I’ve gone out for pie, drinks, and music. Err, dating is a wee bit taxing on my diet.

As you all know, I’m trying to broaden my musical horizons, so the concert theme for the evening was quite timely. The opening band was great, but refused to say their name so I have no idea who they are. (Update: I did a bit of Googling and found out they’re called Marfa Lights). Someone needs a good finger-wagging by their manager.

The headlining band was The Airborne Toxic Event. Apparently people with far broader musical horizons than I, know who they are. They were awesome and now I too know who they are. The world makes sense again!

I feel like one of those young and hip people. It’s quite the novelty. But seeing as how I’m a creature of habit I reverted back to my happy place today…coffee shops and a good (e)book.

What can I say, way down deep inside I’m a geeky girl with simple tastes.

The rest of my week is committed to work and friends. I’ve spent a lot of my downtime this week working on my new personal project and doing a ton of research reading. There’s so much superfluous information floating around my head I have an overwhelming urge to call lots of people and share my new found facts, and by urge I mean I’m actually calling people and unloading facts on them. I’m going to try and stop; I think my parents are about ready to block my phone calls. Meantime, there’s work to be done; I start my magazine gig next week and want to have my chapter outline ready to go before I start.


Bagel thin with egg, soy bacon, mozzarella
Orange juice


Brown rice pasta with shrimp, broccoli, and pasta sauce


Wild rice with grilled chicken and tomatoes
tzatziki sauce

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