Photo: University of Missouri Archives

Happy May Day!

While I do have vague recollection of being forced to dance around a May pole in elementary school, I don’t quite recall anyone ever explaining to me why May first is a big deal.  I did a little internet sleuthing and according to Wikipedia May first was initially the festival of the Roman goddess Flora.  Chick was super important, she made flowers happen, that’s a big job.  Sadly, the festival of Flora went the way of all washed up deities, and now the day has completely different connotations globally.

In a good portion of the world May first is celebrated as Labor day or International Worker’s Day, a day to celebrate the contributions and implementation of fair treatment for the working class.  The US likes to be different, you know we use that pesky standard measurement system that confuses the world over, in true rebel fashion we celebrate Labor Day in September.  Still, I think I’m inspired to get themey with my May Resolutions–blog workers  unite!

Here are my May 2011 Resolutions:

  1. Finish book outline by mid-month. I don’t think this needs much in terms of elaboration.  This is more of a deadline than a resolutions.  Ideally I’d like to have it pretty much done by the time I start my job over at the magazine.
  2. Speaking of my new magazine gig:  I should be heading into their office for training around May 10th.  Resolution: soak up as much information as possible, make a point to meet and greet, and remember faces and factoids about the rest of the staff.
  3. Get Shine-y! The Healthy Living section editor at Shine was super amazing to feature my commandments post last week, she also encouraged me to keep sending stuff Yahoo’s way.  I’m not one to kick an opportunity horse in the mouth.  Shine is a great page and a great opportunity for exposure.  I have a lot on my plate with freelance work and book writing, but my goal is to send something over to Shine at least once a week.
  4. Invest in technology.  If you’ve noticed I’ve been missing days of blogging lately blame my computer.  Cranky isn’t a strong enough word to describe it, I think ‘dying a slow and even more painful death’ is more like it.  I need a new laptop.  Financially that’s a pretty gigantic investment for me right now, but it’s one of those things I can’t live without.  Hopefully this sucker will hold on for a few more days.
  5. Increase cardio capacity.  I’ve been doubling up on spin classes and Insanity (plyometric cardio based DVD set) in preparation for my spin instructor certification class at the end of May.  I remember from my last adventure in teaching spin that the hardest part was speaking while spinning–it’s much harder than it looks to keep a conversational tone while your heart rate is at 85% of its max.  My goal is to keep on keeping on in my adventures in cardio-loading.
  6. Keep it clean…eating that is.  I have to say, while Passover is a major cramp in my eating style, I did feel great afterward and felt fairly energetic while it was going on.  Since this will be a pretty all-work-and-no-play-makes-Kim-a-dull-girl kind of month I think it will be important to be careful of what I’m putting in my body.  I’m going to focus on keeping sugar to a minimum and keeping food unprocessed.

There you have it, in honor of Labor Day world-wide I am going to work my tush off this month.  I’m really excited about the great opportunities that have come my way recently so the work is definitely welcomed.  What are you resolving for May day?