Yay of the Day: Remember that little post I wrote last week about rational things to keep in mind when trying to shed a few pounds? Well, the amazing ladies behind Yahoo’s Shine featured it as the lead post today! I feel so honored. Back in the day when I worked for Conde Nast my writing was syndicated on Shine through the magical worker bees that produced Elastic Waist, but now that I’m not affiliated with a publication that’s no longer the case. I feel really lucky. It was really nice of them. I feel like I should send them flowers, except I don’t actually know where one would send them seeing as how it’s a website.

Today was my first day post-Passover. As much as I hate giving up my love affair with all things grain, soy, corn, rice, and legume—I have to admit that my body feels a lot cleaner after this little eight day soiree. Reuniting with my lover, bread, was a beautiful thing, but after a breakfast of wrap, lunch of bread, and dinner of rice I can definitely feel a difference in my body. I’m not exactly ready to go on a permanent Passover, but I’m big on taking stock of how you feel regularly. I’ve mentioned before that my favorite diet book of all time is the little known Jungle Effect. I like it because it discusses the origins of indigenous diets around the world and how they’re developed, and how they effect the overall health of the population of that region. Those diets were developed in a very simple way: by focusing on how people feel after they eat; if you feel good, energized, and don’t feel any physical discomfort—keep eating whatever it is you’re eating; if something creates discomfort in your system—stop eating it.

It seems that often times we get so used to feeling discomfort that it becomes the norm.  We’re so used to those feelings that we don’t even know what it is that’s making our stomachs rumble, constipating or bloating us. I’m not exactly planning on giving up carbs again, but taking a week to simplify my diet allowed me to find myself back at a base point with which to judge how foods were making me feel. A couple of months ago I was silly enough to subject myself to a 3-day juice cleanse seeking the very same thing—a reset point for my body. You know what’s funny? I feel just as good after a week of eating cleanly as I did after three days of drinking parsley juice.

The point: little changes can often lead to the same place big-drastic ones do. Isn’t little much easier to live with?

Still, it’s good to have rice back in my life.


Whole wheat tortilla with egg, hot sauce, and avocado


I think it’s the warm weather but I’m seriously psyched about summer food!
Soy dog on a whole wheat bun, cucumber, carrots, and hummus


Brown rice, broccoli, chicken and teriyaki sauce