FYI the South Beach Diet has been around for thousands of years, the Jews invented it, it’s called Passover, and it is my least favorite holiday.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever fully expressed the full extent of my love for carby goodness, but eight days of no bread, pasta, rice, corn or soy derived anything, and legumes pretty much cuts out the majority of my feel good foods. I’m not sure who makes the rules about what is or is not edible, but I imagine that they don’t like me very much. Things are about to get super cranky up in here, because as of sundown it’s officially Passover.

In a way, a very small way that I’m trying to convince myself is awesome, I’m kind of excited. Basically I HAVE to eat cleanly this week. The majority of my junk foodie downfalls are on the do not eat list, this could be a good detox as I kick off operation hottest bridesmaid ever.

Speaking of mission hottest bridesmaid, I found a dress! Thank you all for your opinions and your advice. If you don’t mind I’d love to pass on your words of wisdom to my fellow maids J. Surprisingly, it was the second dress that ended up looking the best on me. I tried on a ton of dresses, but that one was the only one that looked great on me. Go figure. I’m actually really excited about it. Is it normal to be excited about a bridesmaid dress? I am actually pretty sure I could wear it again. Of course, everyone says that, but I really mean it.

Here’s the final outfit:

It’ll probably be a bit darker blue than this photo.

The accompanying footwear. I bought them today and have a feeling it’s going to be really hard to not wear them (re: ruin them) before November


I already have a plan of action for the gym based on this dress. Based on the neckline I want to spend some time focusing on building up my deltoid region a bit; and based on the cocktail length, I’ll spend a little more time doing calf exercises. I can’t help it, when I see clothes, I see muscle groups. Tonight, however, was all cardio. Sure, I should have gone to a Sedar (the traditional Passover dinner) but spin class seemed like more fun. It’s all about compromise; I’ll give up bread and pasta in honor of tradition, but I’m not quite ready to give up cardio.


Getting in my last bowl of oatmeal for a while, I threw in a little pineapple and coffee for good measure


Panini made with whole wheat pita bread, roasted turkey, tomoto and lite mozzarella
Cucumber slices in balsamic vinegar


Leven free dinner: salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, avocado, sunflower seeds, and turkey
Olive oil and vinegar