Dirty little secret: I have terrible taste in music.

It’s true. I admit it, and I’m more than a little self-conscious about this fact. I listen to current music, and like it, but never really pay attention to artists or the names of songs, which means the only music I have access to on a regular basis is the stuff I was listening to when I was in high school (Oh, Goo Goo Dolls, how far you’ve fallen).

Deep down, I’m pretty sure my fear of music retaliation is the reason I didn’t pursue teaching spin more actively. The few times I did sub classes before I gave up, I spent more money buying “cool music” from iTunes than I was paid to teach, and still proceeded to spend my whole teaching time wondering if the class was secretly judging my musical stylings. You see, the music is the whole reason I go to spin class. Sure it’s great aerobic exercise and does wonders for the height of one’s gluteus maximus, but really I just like being in a dark room with super loud music.

Now that I’m about to embark on recertification (in a month!) I’ve got to overcome my fears of musical mutiny (so, no Stevie Nicks, I guess) and learn a little bit about what the cool kids are listening to these days. Have I ever mentioned that one of the sites I blog for professionally is a radio station? Never trust an expert you can’t see.

I’ve been trying to broaden my musical horizons. Usually this means going to iTunes and blindly buying stuff that’s popular, but there’s also Pandora…unfortunately my channel du jour is the Bobby McFerrin/Don’t Worry Be Happy Channel, and it’s not exactly rocking a hard beat.

In the land of irrational self-esteem issues, I’m less self-conscious about getting up in front of a group of people wearing spandex and having them stare at me for an hour than I am of exposing the inner workings of my iTunes.

If you couldn’t tell, I went to a spin class today. The music: mostly rap, not pop rap, real rap, the kind of rap that makes me feel old and uncool because I’m not sure I can think quickly enough to understand the lyrics. It’s official, I’m still in my 20s, but I’m kind of an old fogey. I need a music makeover stat.

Now, what did I do with that Matchbox20 CD…

This is where it’s really cool if you tell me what bands you rock out to so I can plug them into Pandora and learn things 🙂



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Salad: lettuce, carrot, cucumber, apple, turkey, sunflower seeds, goat cheese, oil & vinegar


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