Today I got a call from a recruiter, recruiting me for exactly the position I just left. One half of my brain said, “Ooh, a steady paycheck and health benefits. How exciting!” the other half threw a temper tantrum along the lines of “Whhhaaaaa, I don’t wanna go back!”

In this particular instance I’m more likely to listen to the temper tantrum side. Since leaving my day job I’ve been sooo much happier. Sure, I’ve had my stressful moments, but even those seem more manageable.

When I tried this a couple of years ago I was so scared of  my lack of security that I clawed my way right back into the world I was so excited to leave. I feel a lot more confident in my ability to make things work on my own terms now. I’m realistic and know that feeling may not last forever, but I’m willing to stand my ground while it does. So far I’m doing okay.

I’m going to have to keep reminding myself of this, because I’m pretty sure that once my health insurance bill shows up I’m going to have a minor heart attack (which will of course make me feel better about paying it).

Being grown up is scary. How come no one mentioned this back in the fourth grade?

One of the best parts of my new schedule is that it allows me to workout midday. The very awesometastic folks at Crunch read about my plight: not having access to spin classes before I re-certify as a Spin instructor, and have gifted me a membership to help me prepare! How totally amazing is that? I’m not just saying this because they’re currently my cardiovascular sugar daddy, but I’ve always loved Crunch gyms–they have amazing classes, and the (now non-existent) Crunch in Boston was where I first started Spinning, and where I really first started working out. Ooey-gooey warm feelings.

Anyhoo, I had an appointment in the early AM that left me rushing around like a whackadoo and eating my breakfast on the subway (gross!), but landed me about 40 seconds away from the gym. It’s funny, I haven’t run on a treadmill in a while; I used to love it, but I was seriously bored today. I decided to break my run up: 15-minutes pre weights, 15-minutes post weights. It broke up the monotony. I’m sort of glad the gym was mostly empty at that hour because I was totally walking around with the new specialty issue of Oxygen Magazine, trying out one of their weight routines. I probably looked ridiculous holding a magazine with one hand and a dumbbell with the other, but they have really good routines.

It says 28-days, but inside there are 3-months’ worth of routines.

This wasn’t the workout I was doing, they get harder as the months go by, and I’m on month one. There are no barbells yet, which is good; I need to work up to barbells emotionally J

I’m glad I got my workout in early because I spent the rest of the day feeling crappy and enjoying the wonders of Netflix.



Breakfast on the go: hard boiled egg and peach yogurt


Brown rice pasta with broccoli, shrimp, and spaghetti sauce


Banana and almonds


Chicken meatloaf (the word meatloaf wigs me out, the meatloaf itself was actually quite good), mashed cauliflower (I love this stuff!), steamed carrots