So, is it cool with you guys if I give up eating for the month of April?

You’ll see why when I post my dinner pictures from last night. I may never be hungry again.

Yesterday was one of those days where I had everything planned out:

I woke up and wrote a little gossip and nightlife stuff, then shipped off for what was supposed to be a short meeting with a new client. Afterward I was planning on going for a run, heading home, eating lunch, changing, grabbing my camera and heading to a press dinner. Well that short meeting turned out to be 5 hours long and my lunch break turned out to be a Luna Bar between sentences. Luckily, I had grabbed my running shoes before I left, and dipped into a gym by the office for a quick run and shower before I headed to dinner.

I was starving when I got there. When I left I was convinced that my digestive tract was going to break up with me. I haven’t been this full since my 9-course meal at the Four Seasons.



Whole wheat bagel thin, egg, lite cheese, Trader Joe’s veggie sausage and hot sauce


I was totally psyched to find this at the bottom of my bag. I knew I hid protein bars in my purse for a reason.


Okay, so technically I was there to test out the bar, as that’s my current beat, but there was a whole dinner that came after cocktail hour.  I do love me some food. The restaurant is called Pier 9, and opened in the Hell’s Kitchen area of Manhattan last month. It’s primarily a seafood restaurant, and it is amazing. I definitely recommend it to you NYC folk. If you’re a martini fan you must try the By Land Martini which has truffle brine and blue cheese stuffed olives. My absolute favorite part of the meal!

There was a lot of food, I didn’t eat all of it, but I tasted most of it and it was phenomenal.
Unfortunately I didn’t get to go home to get my camera, so these were all taken on my phone.

Dark and stormy

By Land Martini
(I have a really tough job)

I think this was a griddle cake.

Mixed raw platter

Deviled Lobster Egg

Tuna tartare, razor clam ceviche, mini shrimp tacos

Mini Po Girl

Lobster Mac & Cheese

Pork Belly Buns

By Sea Martini (I couldn’t really drink another cocktail, but I wanted to taste it)
Seaweed brine with an oyster instead of olive!

Sourdough crusted striped bass
Minted zucchini

Shitake tempura

Lobster roll

S’mores doughnut

Chocolate covered pretzel sundae
Rice crispy & salted caramel bar

As you can see, I may not need food for a while.