Who loves the first of the month?!

I do. I do.

I’ve got a good feeling about April. At the beginning of March my main goal was to clarify my career goals, and nix my evil day job. Done and done. Now I’m full-time freelancing, and getting ready recertify as a spin instructor.


I’ve spent a fair amount of this month working on establishing a work schedule (and space) that does not consist of me sitting on the couch watching Maury and absentmindedly typing away. I feel pretty good about that, but there’s still a lot of work to be done. But man, I miss those paternity tests.

  • Goal one: Get in spinning shape. It’s been a couple of months since this rear-end has seen the likes of a spin bike. I’ve been gifted access to a gym for just this purpose (more about that in another blog), and I don’t intend to waste this opportunity. The goal: Spin three days a week, with an eye on picking up on tips from the best instructors. I also plan on using the gym for nifty things like treadmills, classes, and weights. Now that I’m spending all day at home, working out in here doesn’t seem quite as enticing—a girl needs to get out sometimes!
  • Goal two: Clean up my eating, clean up my cooking. If you haven’t noticed in the last few weeks I have been seriously reliant on convenience foods. Sure, Trader Joe’s is better than the average frozen fare, but all the processed foods are not leaving me feeling my finest. In addition, my new gig has me eating (and mostly drinking) out more than before and it’s definitely having its effect on my energy level and waistband. I can’t cut back on eating, drinking, and merriment for work, but I can up my legit cooking, and clean eating at home.
  • Goal three: Plan for retirement. Well, sorta. I’m not about to retire anytime soon, but I do have quite a few retirement accounts floating around. I’ve spent a lot of time organizing my finances lately, but the thing that leaves me scratching my head right now is what to do with these CDs, IRAs, and 403Bs. This is a boring resolution, but important.
  • Goal four: Finish a new sample chapter for my book proposal. I would like to be super-duper ambitious and say I’m going to finish the proposal, or write 2-hours everyday, but to be honest there are some days when there are just no words left in me. A chapter seems far more doable in a month than a finished project. Baby steps.
  • Goal five: Get my volunteer on. Last year I made the majority of my philanthropic contributions to the world financial in nature, this year I’m going to give back in a more man-power centric style. I already have an appointment for orientation at a local animal shelter scheduled this month, and there’s a local mentoring organization a friend has asked me to join—I’m going to finally take her up on that this month.

I think that’s about all I can handle in the self-improvement sphere for one month. What are your resolutions for April? Can you believe we’re already a quarter of the way through 2011?