For the record Sweetart Jelly Beans are the best and worst things that have ever happened to me.

In addition to my photographed food for today factor in a bag of these suckers:

I’m actually pretty particular about candy. I certainly have a sweet tooth, but it’s a super picky sweet tooth. I don’t like caramel, not a big chocolate person, marshmallow candy freaks me out, and wouldn’t miss mint. Basically, I just like gummy bears and sour candy. Jelly Beans have never been high on my list of things to munch on until I discovered these sweet and sour nuggets of goodness. Apparently other people have discovered them too, because this year they’ve been impossible to find. At one point I even tried to order them online but they were sold out. Then, low and behold, I stumbled upon a lone bag in a drug store.

I should have known that once opened that bag would beckon to me all day. It’s not that I’m opposed to eating candy; it’s just that once I start I generally can’t stop, so I try not to start. Sigh, at least Easter candy only happens once a year.

Any Easter candy addicts out there? Please make me feel like I’m not alone in this one J !


Greek yogurt, strawberries, and low fat granola


Sushi bento box


Boca burger with lite mozzarella on a whole wheat sandwich thin
Celery, baby carrots, and blue cheese
White zinfandel ((I had a date tonight, I figured a glass of wine beforehand couldn’t hurt)