Oooh, weekends. I love them. I want them to happen all the time. Especially weekends that I get to spend wandering around aimlessly with my bestest friends and eating super rich foods.

Awhile back I remember referencing my best-friend (which could actually be one of three people I have known the majority of my life) to someone in a conversation and having them say something along the lines of, Aren’t we too old to have best friends?

Uhh, no. I don’t ever want to be too old to have best friends, especially people I’ve known since the days of strict friend categorization.

Two of my three BFFs just happen to be engaged to each other. I find this extremely convenient for a number of reasons. One of which is that they usually come as a set and I get to get my quality time in in an a time efficient manner 😉

Honestly, though, I haven’t seen them for a while and with all their wedding planning craziness I feel totally disconnected. Once I get the heads up that a wedding gown had been found I knew it was time for a little emergency bonding. Lucky for me they have a car and were willing to drive to Brooklyn for just such a bonding experience.

This experience included food, art, bad horror movies, and sumo wrestlers. Not bad for a Saturday.

It just happens to be restaurant week in Brooklyn. The Chip Shop had a three-course lunch for $10. Delicious, and kind of like drinking a gallon of oil for lunch.

Fried Mac & Cheese

Chicken fingers and chips

Fried Twinkie!

After lunch we seriously needed a walk, a long walk, so we headed to the Brooklyn Museum so I could practice my camera skills on my two new guinea pigs admire art with some of my favorite people.

Look, ain’t they pretty…

They’re also really patient. Strike a pose.

Okay, so there were some other things to take pictures of. Things like ceilings…

And this thing…

Whatever it was, it reminded me a lot of Great Expectations

Don’t worry, I spent a little time in front of the camera . It’s true. I do need to work on my game. I think I have a pretty good hang on winter, though.

Then it was time for some dinner. I was especially proud of this photo.

Saag Paneer, rice, and naan

Since it was inhumanly possible for us to eat anymore, we decided to sit back, thumb wrestle sumo style and watch bad horror movies. Did you know ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ was not originally a musical? In the 1960 version it was considered a horror movie…and Jack Nicholson was in it!

We also watched a horror movie shot in our homeland! Long Island is kind of like a younger sibling to me; I can make fun of it because it’s mine, but if other people do I will defend it till the end. Still, watching this movie made us laugh because it was obviously cast locally based on the accents.


That’s what I’m happytastic about this weekend. What’s making you happy?