Cheerios and wine. There are certain perks to being an adult, and my dinner tonight is example enough in my book. Don’t worry mom, nothing’s wrong, I’m just lazy.

This week was brutal! I am determined to make full-time freelancing my lifestyle, but I’m definitely experiencing a learning curve. My problem, methinks, is that I haven’t established a routine yet, I’m just running around trying to do everything at once. While I spent many years double dipping in the career department; waking up early to write before leaving for cubicle life, there wasn’t quite as much urgency. If I missed a few posts, no biggie, I had a regular salary to fall back on. Now, my income is reliant on making sure my clients are happy.

My week was spent in meetings, on conference calls, pitching stories, and touching base with editors I hadn’t spoken to in a while. Even folks I work with regularly to make sure they’re still happy with my work. The work day hasn’t been ending at 6pm like it used to either. I took a conference call at 7:30pm tonight. I’m super happy about my life right now, just a tad bit shell shocked. I’m definitely feeling a lot of pressure to have all my ducks in a row. My super-friendly relationship with my landlady depends on it.

When I got home from running around meeting clients today I realized I had a package waiting for me at my door.

My new camera came.

I felt extremely torn when I opened the box. It was 5pm and I still hadn’t had lunch yet—I was starving (I keep a Larabar in my bag at all times, I have no idea why it never actually occurs to me to eat it), but I was anxious to play with my new toy. Luckily for my growling stomach the battery needed charging before use. I threw some chickpeas in the oven for roasting and fell back on my favorite relaxing time activity, being anal retentive.

I have been trying, extremely slow and frugally, to spruce up my home office. I had stopped at The Container Store earlier this week to buy some filing supplies.

I’m doing the best I can to make a cozy and productive work space with the hand-me-down furniture I have. It’s not ideal, but my couch cushions could really use a break—I need to start working from a desk.

Err, it’s getting better. Next I may invest in some cute nobs for that creaky old desk.

I finished filing right in time to scarf down some grub then get back on the phone. I’m so pooped I even turned down a friend’s invitation to go to Hooters. Look outside, those are pigs flying. I’m so glad it’s Friday.


I love refried beans and eggs. Any excuse to eat them I will take it. Today the excuse was breakfast.
Breakfast burrito: whole grain tortilla with refried beans, egg, lite mozzarella, salsa and hot sauce

5pm Lunch

Roasted chickpeas and quinoa (I wasn’t feeling particularly inspired)

9pm Dinner

(Obviously I’m trying to get creative with my new camera. I have no idea what I’m doing)
When all was said and done (literally) all I wanted to do was curl up with a book and a glass of wine. When I realized that a single glass of wine was making me loopy I knew it was time for some more food.

I just didn’t want to have to cook that food.
Honey nut O’s and almond milk was about all I could muster.