The good news: I’m officially registered to be recertified as a spin instructor on May 21st.

The bad news: I haven’t worked out since Friday. My life, strangely, is feeling a little out of control. This is not the relaxing layoff I had imagined. I actually spent a good portion of yesterday in a meeting regarding some consulting work I’m doing. The rest of the day was spent working, and then I went to meet a friend for dinner and ‘hip’ music.

This is me trying to look hip:

I’m pretty terminally uncool, so I definitely looked long and hard at my closet and decided all the cool kids are wearing glasses and scarves these days.

I actually lucked out; when we arrived at my friend’s social club (I can’t believe social clubs still exist) the hip music was pretty hip circa 1954. Way more my speed than modern cool. We sipped some cocktails, grooved, and I even got digits for a Hasidic Jew and an undergrad. Seriously folks, my life is a sitcom. There has to be a normal guy out there somewhere, right? Not that Hasids and undergrads aren’t normal—I’m just rocking my late 20s and really enjoy wearing pants, short sleeves and my own hair.

Back to fitness, since I’m going to be recertifying to teach spin I was thinking I should probably be taking spin classes. Kind of hard now that I don’t have an active gym membership. I started looking into private spin studios. The cheapest classes I could find were $27 per class. That’s seriously crazy talk! My gym membership was only twice that per month. Perhaps I should reconsider my resolution to not belong to a gym this year. Truthfully though, I’ve really enjoyed working out at home and not feeling guilty about not going to the gym.


Who knew stationary biking was so ‘spensive. I’m going to see if I can do a workternship somewhere, work a few hours in exchange for free classes.


Breakfast sandwich on Ezekial bread with egg, soy bacon strips, tomato


Trader Joe’s corn and black bean enchiladas
Carrots & celery with white bean hummus


I wasn’t really hungry, but wanted to taste the cake I made yesterday.
Low fat chocolate bundt with soy ice cream. (It’s just once slice, cut in half for better toasting)


I met up with my friend at California Pizza Kitchen, I hadn’t been to one of these since I was in college.
Half-size BBQ chicken salad

Hip Music Drinking

Ameretto and ginger ale