If death and taxes are the only two certainties in life, bring on the taxes. Strike that, bring on the refunds.

I finally made my way to my accountant’s office for a little tax time, and was seriously shocked at my refund this year. Holy more than a month’s rent, Batman!

I did end up owing the great state of New York a dollar. I think I can handle the financial strain. The rest of the money is going straight into savings to aid in my survival. Well, not all the rest of the money. I little bit of it is being reinvested in the form of a new DSLR. I’ve been seriously coveting a good camera for a while now, but let’s just say it didn’t seem financially prudent to invest in one. It may still not be financially prudent, but it is tax deductible (one of the many joys of blogging), so I figure now that I have some unaccounted for cash in the bank, I can kill two birds with one stone by crossing something off my wish list and upping my deductibles for next year. I didn’t splurge on a GREAT camera (because I couldn’t justify it financially), but I did go for a well-reviewed starter SLR.

This is my new boyfriend:

Isn’t he handsome? (I’m well aware that I should probably get out more.)

Apparently all the excitement of my government provided windfall wiped me out, because as soon as I ate lunch, I fell asleep and didn’t get up again until after 9pm. You know, all that time between meals are so boring. Perhaps I’ll just sleep through all the hours that I’m not eating. That sounds good, right?

Are you getting a refund?  Are you using it to splurge on something?



I drank my breakfast while baking a cake. I’m a multitasker when it comes to eating.
Almond milk, banana, raspberries, peach slices, and mango cubes, with ground flax seed and vanilla protein powder.


Low fat vegan chocolate cake. (Recipe link)
I’ve recently learned how well baked goods freeze, so I sliced this bad boy up, wrapped each piece individually and froze the sucker!
Instant indulgence.


I got cozy in my accountants waiting room, luckily I had a bag of trail mix hidden in the recesses of my purse.


Hot and sour soup


Roasted chickpeas, tomato, and quinoa
Dudes, roasted chickpeas! Sooooo good.