Thanks for all of your words of wisdom and advice for my upcoming musical solo.  I TRULY appreciate them.

To clarify, I’ve just been working with some piano vamping and the lyrics; I haven’t had any sheet music or melody lines to work with, so this process has been a bit intimidating for me–but, after hours and hours of singing (everywhere: my house, the subway, walking around New York), I seem to have gotten the swing of the song.  This is good, because we open tonight!

I have to say, I’m seriously impressed with the director, who adapted the piece, wrote all the music, cast and rehearsed the show in a couple of weeks.  I got my song two days ago, and one of the other actors got hers yesterday.  I’m actually kind of amazed at how well the show is turning out.  I think it’s pure adrenaline.

For a recently laid off gal, I’m certainly testing my time management skills.  I’m really enjoying this process, but looking forward to finally feeling a wee bit of that down time.  It’ll be short lived though; I recently took on yet another freelance project that starts up next week.

At least I still get to work in my sweatpants and workout mid-day.  There are definitely perks to self-employment–remind me of that come tax time.

I’m a St. Patrick’s Day failure; I didn’t get to partake in any of the debauchery NYC had to offer in honor of my wee Irish roots (my dad’s mother was Irish).  Perhaps I’ll share a beer with my dad this weekend to celebrate once my show is over.   In addition to green beer, I also had to skip out on my workout due to an early rehearsal, followed by meetings, and class.  Today I’m going to try to get an exercise DVD in before I head back to the theater.

I have to shows tonight!  Wish me luck!


I knew breakfast would be my only balanced meal of the day, so I filled up!
Honeydew melon, 2 slices of Ezekial cinnamon raisin bread with peanut butter and banana


Lunch was a whirlwind of bagels and fruit roll-ups. We ate between scenes. I didn’t have time whip out my camera, but let’s just say all the carbs made me super sleepy!


Exhausted, and hours of activity still ahead of me, for dinner I decided to hit up Pita Grill for a little treat.

Veggie burger with fontina cheese and salad fixings and way more onions that should be socially acceptable. I don’t think anyone wanted to do scene work with me at my improv class.

Best sweet potato fries I’ve ever had!

If I couldn’t have a green beer, a root beer was a decent substitute.