There’s an accompanist who hates me.

The show I’m currently in rehearsal for is a musical. The thing is, I only got my solo yesterday, and while I generally sing well-ish, I don’t always have the easiest time following accompaniment. And well, when I’m feeling insecure that well-ish turns to craptastic. When I danced growing up I had the same predicament…I had good technique but could never really hear the beat in the music; I got around my lack of melody recognition by constantly counting (this has actually become a really great skill in tempo setting when I run). Needless to say today was extremely frustrating for both myself and the accompanist. It takes me a really long time to really ‘get’ songs. Did I mention we open on Friday? This is going to be extremely embarrassing.

I spent all day in rehearsal, mostly pissing off a piano player, and had planned to come home and dedicate my night to figuring out my song…then I found myself on an impromptu three hour conference call about a potential freelance job. Hey, the director can’t expect me to turn down paid work, right? And by the time I got off it was almost 9pm and I needed to blow off some steam. That meant working out a bit, and finally at around 10:30 I ate dinner.

I’m getting too old for these kinds of hours folks.

That’s a lie, I feel more invigorated than ever. It’s amazing how spending your days doing things that make you happy completely changes your perspective on work.

My problem now is: it’s almost tomorrow and I’ve got about zero energy left. I think I’m going to have to revert to my old 4am wakeup call and do a little early am singing before I head back to rehearsal at 9am. I’m screwed. I just want to state that for the record.

Pray for me. Pray for the audience.

Here’s some food…


Protein banana pancakes (oatmeal, egg whites, lowfat cottage cheese, pumpkin pie spice, almond extract, and stevia blended together)
Maple syrup


I drowned my singing sorrows in the sushi counter at Whole Foods.
Whole Foods really isn’t in my budget anymore, but sometimes a little comfort eating is necessary!

Brown rice avocado and cucumber roll

Late-Night Dinner

Salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, beets, feta and walnuts
Apple cider vinegar and olive oil

I’m off to go have musical nightmares.